Secrets to Lasting Fragrance

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One of my secrets to a wafting scent is to use a body wash or bath soak in the same fragrance family as my perfume followed by with a matching or complementary body oil. For example, I typically wear  Le Labo’s Santal 33, which has base notes of cedar and sandalwood.

Layer Your Scent

To make the scent last longer, I use a body wash and lotion with a sandalwood base. If I want to lighten things up I add a citrus wash.  If I am feeling a little flirty I might use a vanilla wash.  

For more information on blending scents visit: American College of Healthcare Sciences Blending 101

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Learn More About Fragrance Families

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Even if you decide not to layer your fragrance, be sure to use an unscented lotion of body oil. Perfumes bind beautifully with the skin when there is an oil base to cling.

Get the Bonus Spots

You can apply fragrance to your pulse points  (wrists, décolletage, behind ears, and knees) in one a two ways: Apply a thin layer of vaseline to your pulse points where you give off natural heat momma then dab perfume on top on the vaseline coated bonus spots. You can also, buy a roll on version of your signature perfume or use an essential oil that will enhance or exaggerate your fragrance.   For example, I wear a bit of Bergamot orange  oil with Santal 33 to enhance the fragrance.   

By the way, don’t bother rubbing your wrist together after you apply to all the right spots. Too much heat/friction will make your perfume dissipate quickly.

Start the fire elsewhere! 

Sample It

Whenever I buy a fragrance, I ask for a sample or two. These samples, I carry around in my purse to reapply to the pulse points as needed.

Keep it Tight, Keep it Right

Store your perfume properly. Be sure to replace tops after each use, and keep your perfume bottles out of direct sunlight. Also, avoid exposing perfumes to extreme temperatures.

Cheat Sheet

Get all the deets above in a handy card. Download a card for yourself or to include in gifts for friends.

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