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In Mom Life post you will find, the stories from my life including the lessons learned, and the resources I share. Feel free to share your experiences and lessons, here in the comment sections or holla on Facebook or Twitter.  

From MavenMomma I am not your maid post

I’m Not Your Maid, My Quest For Tidy Kids

I gave my kids chores to teach them responsibility, plus to give myself a break. Check out our chore charts and download your own to get your kids started or together.
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MavenMomma, I don't do Homework article header

I Don’t Do Homework

- I don't understand this new math. - I don't remember nor do I have the brain capacity left at day's end to conjure up memories of my remedial French lessons.  So, I hired tutors for my girls. Here is how what we all learned...
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10 Riveting Podcast

Add these 10 podcast to your list and put each into your listening rotation for riveting and informative stories told by charismatic storytellers.
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Ten Must-Have Apps

A curated list of ten apps perfectly suited to make mom life a little more manageable.  
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MavenMomma Bing-worthy list

Binge-Worthy TV Shows

What to watch? Check out MavenMomma's latest run down of binge-worthy TV shows.
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Teaching My Daughters to Love Their Natural Hair

Children Learn What They See I recognize that as a mother, I am my girl’s (CocoViv as I refer to them as one unit) role model. The one person they will emulate throughout their life. I know that when I
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Guide to the Ultimate Childcare

Start here, with 6 steps to finding the right caregiver for your family.
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Creative Kid Activities

Check out this updated MavenMomma list of creative kid activities. So much fun you might as well file under things to do with your kids!
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Secrets to Lasting Fragrance

How a MavenMomma makes a scent her own and last throughout the day. Read more and develop your own signature, long lasting scent.
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2019 Rosé Wine List

This year's Rosés feature classics and new faves. A MavenMomma is sure to find the perfect pairing from sparkling and full body to light and refreshing. Cheers!
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Things to Do in New York with Kids

Here are some places and tips to enjoy New York in MavenMomma style. Go to fun, maybe a little fanciful places, eat well, and have an amazing time without being too kid focused. Balance the “we” with the “me”!  American
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Two Days in Legoland

Having kids is always making me do things I told myself I would NEVER do. I can just hear myself saying, “Motherhood will not change me.” Then I actually became a mother and thus, the first chapter of, momma plans,
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