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I Don’t Do Homework

- I don't understand this new math. - I don't remember nor do I have the brain capacity left at day's end to conjure up memories of my remedial French lessons.  So, I hired tutors for my girls. Here is how what we all learned...
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10 Riveting Podcast to Listen To

Add these 10 podcast to your list and put each into your listening rotation for riveting and informative stories told by charismatic storytellers.
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Must-Have Apps

A curated list of ten apps perfectly suited to make mom life a little more manageable.  
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Binge-Worthy TV Shows

What to watch? Check out MavenMomma's latest run down of binge-worthy TV shows.
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Teaching My Daughters to Love Their Natural Hair

Children Learn What They See I recognize that as a mother, I am my girl’s (CocoViv as I refer to them as one unit) role model. The one person they will emulate throughout their life. I know that when I
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Strategic Encouragement for Moms Returning to Work

Real-life mommas discuss strategies for getting back into the workforce by staying woke, realistic, focused, and adaptable.
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