I founded MavenMomma.com after I remembered my inner Maven and embraced my new state of motherhood.  I wanted Motherhood to enhance, but I did not want it to overtake my life.  There are times that, as a mother, I completely forget me.  I look down at my nails and realize they look like my kids ate them.  My hair is embarrassingly dirty, and I don’t have time to wash the stuff.  I eat from my kid’s dinner plates while I clean the dinner dishes, to carve out extra time in the evening, only to fall to sleep in their bed beside them, or on their floor while putting them to bed!

I knew that to be fulfilled and complete; I had to find a balance. I had to figure out a way to include my children in my life as opposed to completely changing to accommodate children.  

Eventually, I had an epiphany; I am not the first and will not be the last.  Other, mommas had been here, and they got it together.  So I figure it out, on a daily or nightly basis.  I carve out time for manicures; I rock some amazing hats as needed, I order in to simplify our nighttime routine and make my kids go to bed without me nearby.

Balancing my Maven with motherhood propelled me to start MavenMomma.com. I am not the first momma to want to remain her sexy, vibrant, and relevant self.  I am not the only momma struggling to figure out how to do it all. So here is MavenMomma.com, where I share the balance, the fails, and the lessons of motherhood through travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle tidbits.   

I share the knowledge that we can never have it all… at least not all at once—but we might as well have a good time while we work our way through motherhood. 

Welcome, mommas and soon-to-be mommas, here we are going to keep each other woke, ready, and well by sharing all things that make motherhood a challenge and a triumph.  Comment, Like, and Share to inspire other MavenMommas!