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MavenMomma has evolved.  I began with the desire to showcase my dual identity-mother and woman. I chose blogging as a platform to write being a woman, humbled and empowered by motherhood.

The way I see it, these roles support the one another. Motherhood and my maven nature force me to realign and continuously fulfill my need to contribute to the world-authentically.

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As a highly skilled life coach (Robbins Madanes trained) I guide my clients toward solving their issues by fostering a path toward clarity and connection to their individual values and strengths-one’s true self. 

Based on my life and my trainings MavenMomma has now morphed into a guide, specifically for mothers.

Here, you will read articles that not only tell a story but provide a resource.  I share these articles to inspire mommas to meet or get reacquainted with their authentic self.  My goal is that you always learn and feel inspired to share your experiences with other mommas. 

Not only will you read it, however, you will also hear it in every podcast and receive it at every event I host.

I share to challenge and/or inspire you to a better state of being-authentically and unapologetically you!

Welcome, mommas and soon-to-be mommas, here we are going to keep each other woke and ready by sharing all things that make motherhood a challenge and a triumph. 

Comment, Like, and Share to inspire other MavenMommas! 

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