8 Things To Know About The Louis Vuitton X Exhibition

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Louis Vuitton’s current Beverly Hills exhibit showcases the house’s 160-year history of collaborations. The show features over 180 items from the brand’s archives, including bags reworked by Karl Lagerfeld, Rei Kawakubo, Cindy Sherman, and Frank Gehry. In addition,  original collaborations by artists like Yayoi Kusama, Richard Prince, and Zaha Hadid will also be on display. Also LVMH will debut, the new Artycapucines collection which is a collaboration with leading contemporary artists-read on for photos and more details.  

Louis Vuitton X runs from June 28 to September 15 at 468 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Visit us Monday-Saturday, 10am-9pm; Sunday 11am-7pm

Mavens 101 tip, Tour as the 10 galleries with one of the exhibit’s docents. The information and tidbits shared were enlightening, insightful, and not to be missed.  Register through eventbrite and read on for the 8 things you need to know before you attend Louis Vuitton’s current exhibit.  

There are Plenty of Interactive and Gram'able Moments

Louis Vuitton Might Have Been a Hottie

Young Louis Vuitton

The first room of the exhibit features two portraits (by Alan Katz) of a youthful Louis Vuitton.

People Traveled in Style in The 1800's

LVMH Steam Trunk

In the days of ocean voyages, packing light was not an option.

Scarves Make Wonderful Art Installations

I Have a World of Artist to Research


Artycapucines Collection

One bag with 6 different takes-the Capucines bag is redefined by 6 contemporary artist; Sam Falls, Urs Fischer, Nicholas Hlobo, Alex Israel, Tschabalala Self and Ionas Wood. The Louis Vuitton X Exhibit displays the bags with accompanying art exhibits nearby. I am currently obsessed with Sam Falls use of nature in his art and SA artist Nicholas Hlobo's technique of finding the beauty hidden beneath the surface.

A Colette-esque Pop Up is on the 2nd Floor

Louis Vuitton Pop-up

The pop-up was curated by Sarah Andelman, the former creative director of, sadly closed, Parisian store; Colette. Featured items include women’s ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories, shoes, fragrances, travel books. In addition to the items reminiscent of Colette, you will find products exclusive to the temporary boutique, such as hot-stamp Beverly Hills luggage tag and card cases, silk scarves and a special-edition hardcover book about the ArtyCapucines Collection.

Zaha Hadid Was Next Level

Zaha Hadid Sculpture

The Eolia Seat

Just has her architecture was visionary so was her collaboration with LVMH. Not only, did she reinterpret the classic collection bags, but she took it a step further and designed a sculptured seat with interchangeable width and composition.

Pace Yourself

MavenMomma at LVMH

You will tour 160 years, so there is a lot to take in. Take your time, do it right.

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