Rejoice because Spring is upon us. Just as mother nature will be in full bloom so will fashion. Time to pull out our florals, corals, and nudes, our flats and our stacks, plus the MavenMomma Must Have Maxi dress.

For those MavenMommas looking to add a little something extra to their closets; I got you! Here is MavenMomma wardrobe inspiration featuring Spring 2019’s must haves.  This list is sure to enhance any Momma’s closet game.

Neon Colors

Neon is back mommas, and like any good throwback, neons take us back to memories of a free and fanciful youth. These poppin hues hit the fashion and beauty market this year with with full force. So, it will be easy to pick the neon shade for that is right for you.  Be sure to wear as an accent. If history is any indicator, neon will be here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t spend too much money on this add on! 

Here are some MavenMomma Must Haves.


Another come back kid is Jogger pants, which most MavenMommas rocked before the fashion world deemed them “suitable.” Okay, now we are trending MavenMommas! Trending is a good thing.  In style = In store.  So, we find more variety to purchase today and keep for whenever we feel like wearing. This season, designers gave joggers an update with a loose yet tailored fit, suitable for most body types. My faves below:

Transparent Tote Bags

The transparent tote started as a trend last year, but this season, they will really come into play as MavenMommas hit the streets, the beaches, amusement parks, and stadiums etc… The beauty of the bags is that it allows us to show off all those cute clutches we brought and yet have few opportunities to carry. I mean, when toting kids a MavenMomma requires a tote. Bonus, with PVC bags a MavenMomma can easily wipe away the spills or sticky courtesy of our lil ones. These MavenMomma worthy bags come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Here are some of my faves:

Dark Denim

Season after season, denim is always in style. The wash changes, but denim is a staple. This season dark denim trends will provide MavenMommas with the opportunity to add more sleek and chic pairs to or wardrobe. One noteworthy, twist on this season’s dark wash is contrasting stitching. Look for your perfect fit, as always, but here are some options to give you a leg up:

White Tanks

Your white tank is also trending MavenMommas! This staple is now a must have, but don’t go pull out those old stretched out tanks you sleep in. With trend comes the opportunity to up our game. This spring, you will find a lot of cropped white tanks, rock them if you still can. However, for most child-rearing Mavens, there are plenty of options that do not require showing that momma muffin top.

Hair Scarves

Winter hats off, now it is time for something lighter, something different from the ubiquitous fedora. A scarf will complement your outfit. Here are some ideas for how to rock a headscarf. I will leave the personal touch of picking out a scarf to you MavenMommas!

The Baguette

Another blasts from the bag! Most MavenMommas will be able to open their closet coffers and dig out the baguette purse from your days of clubbing.  Sex and the City made us aware of this functional small bag. This short strap bag allows mommas to play it close to the chest.  These versatile bags go from a day of errands to a night of drinks.  So while they don’t hold a lot of momma baggage, there is a time and a place for lugging our stuff.  The short strap bag is perfect for the times when you don’t need to.  Peep some of my fave below. 

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This Spring, fashion offers great variety, full of glee and color, much needed after such a dreary winter!  Rock any of these must haves as soon as the weather or the occasion allows!

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