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This Week

Rid Yourself of Doubt

As part of the MavenMomma's March into 2020, I am getting my readers ready to renew and achieve in life. The future starts now-rid yourself of doubt.
Life Coaching

Fall Must Have Jackets and Coats

It's Fall Y'all! Here are this Fall's Must-Have coats at various price points. Check your own closet for plaid, leather, denim, and Teddy coats. Don't have it? Get inspired


Marrakech-A Maven's Travel

When two mommas decide to take an epic trip, where do you go? You rock the Kasbah! A Woman's guide to travel in Marrakech and beyond.

How a Momma Deals

You can't have it all, but I will share some advice on managing work, family, and you. Read MavenMomma's Coping Skills for Working Mommas.
Mom Life

How to Help Depressed Loved Ones

With an estimated 16 million Americans suffering from depression, odds are that depression will affect your life. Here are some ways to help those in need.


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